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(From left to right) Author Marissa Silver, Councilman Owen Newcomer, Dr. John McCarthy,

David Ulin and Councilwoman Cathy Warner at the 2015 Whittier Reads “Farm to Table” Dinner

WR2015 Dinner

2015 Whittier Reads “Farm to Table” Dinner



Author Lisa See talks about her book China Dolls

Lisa See Tea

“Tea with Lisa See” program



Professor Michelle Chihara discusses changing technologies and images in California culture.


Phoenix Photo Large

 Theola Kirschenbaum (left) and Norm Kirschenbaum (right), with author and performer

Charles Phoenix

Books and Burgers

 “Books and Burgers” Teen Program

Festival of Books

Bus trip to the Los Angeles Times “Festival of Books”

Norm Stevens

Norm Stevens speaks about life in the 1930s

Ross Moore

Ross Moore on the life of Woody Guthrie

Tuesday Photo

(Far Left) Luis Carlos Montalván with his dog Tuesday